In-A-Pinch Pasta Salad

Memorial Day has come and gone, and with it, most of the food I had prepared. Do you have picnic leftovers, too? Everything was gone, except for two red, white, and blue deviled eggs and hot dogs. I had five hot dogs leftover. I was tired of chips and pretzels, which is what we usually have with our doggies. I needed to find something else to pair with hot dogs without running out to the grocery store. I came up with my rendition of Italian Pasta Salad.

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Red, White, and Blue Deviled Eggs

What says Memorial Day or Fourth of July better than red, white, and blue deviled eggs? Perfect side dish for summertime picnics and get togethers. I used this recipe, and despite an almost Pinterest Fail on my part, I think they turned out rather nice looking! Oh, and they taste great as well

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Martha Washington’s Jumbles … Sort of

I have always been interested in history.  I’m especially curious to learn how people in different times and places lived.  What they wore, how they talked, what they ate.  I recently listened to a podcast episode called Colonial Baking from The Baking Podcast.  One of the recipes they discussed was the Jumble recipe from Martha Washington’s cookbook. 

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Can’t Beat this Broccoli Alfredo Tortellini

My vegetarian daughter just came home from college.  I made this meal and she just raved about it.  Which is saying something because she is quite picky.  It is super easy to make and ready to eat in under 30 minutes.  Plus it satisfies the broccoli obsession that I have had lately.

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Comfort Food Bliss – Baked Corn Casserole

With all the dreary weather we have been having in Pennsylvania this week, I was feeling hungry for some comfort food.  I had leftover corn on the cob and turned it into Corn Casserole.  One of my favorite ways to cook is to find leftovers I may have in the refrigerator and repurpose them into something else.

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Short on Time? Try These Shortcuts!

I don’t love to cook. In fact, I am sort of ambivalent about it.  I cook six dinners a week because my family needs to eat.  The meals aren’t gourmet, but they are still healthy.  My time is precious and if you feel the same way as I do, don’t fret!  I will share a few shortcuts to help you make healthy meals quickly.

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