Two Chicken Taco Recipes You Can’t Live Without!

It is May and Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow. We love Mexican food at our house! A few weeks ago my oldest son requested tacos.  Not the ground beef tacos I usually make.  He wanted me to try chicken tacos.  I had never tried chicken tacos and was game for it.  I hoped everyone else was as well.  So I dove into the internet search and found something that not only could I make one, but two meals out of.

Chicken Tacos

chicken tacos

I found a crockpot recipe to make chicken taco meat from Genius Kitchen. It was very simple.  I doubled the recipe and used a whole packet of taco seasoning mix I had bought at the grocery store. Cooking it in the crockpot made it so easy to just use forks and shred the meat when it was finished.  We then had our chicken tacos with the usual toppings of cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. I froze the leftover chicken until I could figure out what I wanted to do with it. 

Impossible Chicken Taco Pie

For Cinco de Mayo I wanted to find something to use up my taco meat that wasn’t another round of tacos. I had made a recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook in the past called Impossible Cheeseburger Pie made with Bisquick and wondered if I could substitute the chicken meat. I have depended on Betty for many years.  Just look at my cookbook from 1988 that I have used and loved well.


I guess chicken taco pie wasn’t popular in the 80’s so I had to go online.  I found the Impossibly Easy Chicken Taco Pie on the Betty Crocker website. Since my chicken already had taco seasoning on it I didn’t add any additional.  I also left out the chopped onion because the son who likes the tacos, does NOT like onions.  Here it is ready to go into the oven.   I put different toppings on the countertop so people could add their favorite toppings to their slice of pie.  It was excellent!!

This recipe not only used up my leftover chicken taco meat, but it was very versatile, and wasn’t as messy as the usual tacos are!  I hate when my taco filling spills out of my taco shell!!

You really can’t go wrong with these two recipes.  Try them and let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Two Chicken Taco Recipes You Can’t Live Without!

  1. Awesome hyperlinks and EASY to read. Love it! The photos were a great addition as well and help the reader to follow along easily. Looking forward to more!

  2. I really love seeing images of your chicken pie. I have never heard of something like this so I found it very interesting and I would love to try it. I also appreciate your use of layout design with the images and felt like I was really going through the process with you. It is so awesome you kept your cookbooks from so long ago because something that never goes out of style is good food.

    1. I like to show the process because sometimes you just wonder “Am I doing this right?” So if yours looks similar to mine you are on the right track!

  3. I really enjoy your creativity with these recipes. The photos help tell a great visual story of how you took leftover food and created another meal. I like how you included photos of your old recipe book. It shows that you have been a wiz in the kitchen and you know what you’re talking about. The only thing I would add is an embedded link in the beginning of the blog for Genius Kitchen.

  4. Both dishes look amazing! I have never heard of a chicken taco pie before. Your photos make the food look really appetizing too, which is crucial for a cooking blog.

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