Quick and Easy Pesto Chicken Ramen

What can you do when you seemingly have a bunch of random ingredients? Combine them into a fabulous new dish! That’s how this Pesto Chicken Ramen was born.

On this hot, summer day, I wanted to make just a quick cool salad for dinner. I had picked some cherry tomatoes from my garden earlier so I knew I wanted to use them. While in my garden, I had also noticed that my basil needed picking. But that would have to wait until another day. I knew I would eventually make pesto with it, but I still had a jar in my refrigerator. So I decided to add that to my salad as a dressing to use it up.

I had been cleaning out my pantry and found a few ramen noodle packages that weren’t miraculously gobbled up and decided to have those as a base to my salad. I added a few other random ingredients I had on hand and my dinner was ready! The only cooking involved with this is boiling the noodles for 3 minutes. I also served the ingredients in different containers as everyone in my family has an aversion to something. One doesn’t like tomatoes, and one doesn’t like carrots. This way everyone can have what they like on their plate and I don’t have to listen to whining at meal time!


Spring mix or whatever greens you have

Pre-cooked chicken strips or leftover chicken

Ramen noodles, cooked without seasoning packet, drained and cooled

Cherry tomatoes cut in halves

Shredded carrots

Basil pesto mixed in

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy meal. Don’t be afraid to throw random ingredients together because you may make a new favorite!

Have you created a favorite dish just by throwing things together? Let me know your combinations in the comments!

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