S.O.S. or Creamed Chipped Beef

Back to Basics Month continues at my house. I was reminiscing about the many meals my mother used to make and how many of them were simple, yet filling and delicious. One of the meals I thought about was S.O.S. or as my Mom called it “Sh*t On a Shingle.” If you grew up in the 60’s or 70’s you may remember this dish as well.

While the recipe is basically a white sauce with chopped beef thrown in, today I elected to use the pre-made packet by Esskay.

I am not promoting this brand nor getting paid for this advertising, I am just relating what I used.

I just warmed it in the microwave and put atop some freshly toasted bread. One of my picky eaters enjoyed it as well!

A quick and super easy lunch provided, I turn my attention now to a Father’s Day dessert for this evening’s meal; lemon meringue pie.

Has anyone else eaten S.O.S.? Comment below with your memories.

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