This is not your typical banana bread!

Do you have overripe bananas?

IMG_2483Every time I turn around there are overripe bananas on my counter! What is a person to do with all these bananas without throwing them away? I hate to waste food. Are you looking for something to do with YOUR overripe bananas? You could peel those bananas and freeze them for use later in recipes or use them right now! Turn your overripe bananas into smoothies, pancakes, milkshakes, muffins and more! Let Kelli Foster from The Kitchn show you how.

Turn it into banana bread!

You could take those bananas and make one of my favorites – banana bread. I found this recipe for easy cream cheese banana bread from Averiecooks that is the best! A one-bowl recipe that is easy to mix up and is so very yummy to eat! I make banana bread a lot but I had never tried it with a cream cheese middle. It is a very moist bread with a layer of cheesecake baked right in. I made mine using the melted coconut oil as Averie suggests making it softer and springier than those made with butter. My family made sure it was gone in under 24 hours!

This is what mine looked like before it went into the oven. Take notice I put more banana bread batter on the bottom by accident and did not have enough left over to cover the cream cheese layer.

An hour later it was fresh out of the oven! Doesn’t it look scrumptious? Yum!


Here is a slice of it. You can tell by the way my white layer goes up at the edges that I did not have enough on the top to keep it a straight line. Honestly, I really didn’t care that it wasn’t perfect because it was so delicious!

Whether you try this banana bread recipe or try bananas in something else, I’d love to know how YOU use your overripe fruit! Comment and share.


6 thoughts on “This is not your typical banana bread!

  1. Very cool idea! I have never made a banana bread in my life but now I want to try my hand at it!

    1. Making banana bread is pretty easy. Just mix ingredients and dump in a pan. This one has the extra step of the cheesecake filling but it is so worth the extra step.

  2. I just tried a cream cheese banana bread recipe recently and I loved it. I always enjoy making banana nut muffins too. But my go to when I have more bananas than I need is to freeze them. They make or break smoothies for me, giving it the perfect creamy consistency. I love your blog, it’s very visually appealing!

  3. I make smoothies as well and sometimes banana pancakes. I don’t usually make them into muffins because it is just easier to mix and dump once into one pan. I’m just lazy like that!

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